The Kardashians’ Makeup Artist Is Launching Her Own Beauty Line

If you keep up with the Kardashian family, you know their hair and makeup teams go with them everywhere. One member of the squad from the beginning is makeup artist Joyce Bonelli, who’s given the sisters some of their best looks to date. While they’ve all branched out and worked with other people at times during their rise to fame, Joyce continues to join them on vacations and makes frequent appearances on their social media channels. Fans of the Kardashians are naturally fans of Joyce, and her latest announcement is sure to make them very happy.

In an interview with The Cut, the makeup guru spills that she’s working on her own cosmetics line, Joyce Bonelli Cosmetiques. She explains that the brand will consist of just a few things she loves, one of them being the perfect eyebrow gel. She also insists she’s not the biggest fan of Instagram makeup, so we’re not sure if an ultra-shiny highlighter will make its way into the collection. Set for a September or October release date (right before holiday season), it’ll be the perfect gift for the Dash doll in your life.