Everything You Need To Survive A Long Flight, According To Kim and Kendall

Whether you’re a fan of this famous family or not, the Kardashian/Jenner clan knows how to travel. It seems like they’re always away (for business or for pleasure), and the sisters document their travels each step of the way on social media. As pros, they’ve endured some tedious and long flights and have experienced their fair share of jet-lag. Both Kim and Kendall separately posted blog posts on their official websites detailing how they’ve learned to tackle the fatigue that long flights can bring. Click through to see how the two strategies differ, and find an option that works for your next big getaway.


Kendall's Essentials

Known for being the more low maintenance sister of the group, Kendall's laid-back beauty approach is plenty relatable. She travels light and makes sure to stay sane with the following essentials.

Kendall swears by taking a shot of Dream Water before hopping on a jet. Dream Water is a drug-free shot of natural melatonin that encourages a good night's sleep. She also admits that a model pal got her into meditation, and the practice has also assisted her with travel.

Kim's Essentials

Kim, on the other hand, always goes the extra mile in every aspect of her life. Whether it be fashion, makeup or even traveling, Kim has multi-step routines for all.

"I can't live without my silk pillowcase—it always helps me get a good night sleep," Kim wrote. She uses two marble-print silk pillowcases for perfect in-flight sleep.

Lavender has a reputation for being one of the most relaxing scents. Kim sprays some on her two silk pillows to unwind and take a breather.

Our under-eye areas naturally get tired and dehydrated thanks to the elevation endured during flying. Kim's go-to eye cream diminishes dark circles and puffiness.

One eye product isn't always enough for Mrs. West, so she wears eye gels when she travels, as well.

Just like her younger sister, there is a drink involved in flying Kim-style. Kim's helps with energy, while Kendall's encourages sleep.

Once a flight is over, Kim makes sure to conceal any spotted areas after treating her eyes during air time.