Model Jessica Hart Shares Her Beauty Rules

Models house a wealth of information when it comes to beauty—not only do they pick up tricks from the best experts in the biz, but they’re also in the habit of taking especially good care of themselves so they can look and feel their best on the job. Jessica Hart is one such muse, known for her beachy good looks and equally sunny demeanor. The Aussie super-babe, who’s posed for major labels and publications like Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated, is most recently the face of beachwear brand Seafolly. To help us get a jumpstart on the feel-good and get-pretty practices that’ll make us more confident come bikini season, Jessica’s shares her go-to beauty rules with us—peruse them below.

Adam Katz Sinding

Jessica Hart's Beauty Rules

Know Your Supplements

"I take an MSM supplement for joint care and collagen. Exercising and traveling so much really takes a toll, and these vitamins are a double whammy as they also help improve my skin."

Always Highlight

"I swear by illuminating highlighter! It helps me always look fresh and gives me a natural glow no matter where I'm going or what I'm doing. It's great after a long flight—or a long night. My favorite is the highlighter from my line, Luma Cosmetics."

Freshen Up

"I recently discovered Caudalie face spray—it really freshens up my skin, and I can spray before and after makeup. It also smells amazing!"


Don't Skimp On Hydration

"Water and hydration are so important [to your beauty routine]. I actually don't love drinking water—I find it really hard to do—but I force myself purely because I see and feel the difference in my skin."


Find Time For Self-Care

"I love float/sensory deprivation tanks. They're awesome for jet lag and rejuvenation—it’s like meditating for an hour!"

Courtesy of Seafolly

Get Your Moves Down Pat

"Exercise makes me feel confident in a swimsuit! I do lunges for legs and butt, bicycle crunches for abs and obliques, and push-ups for arms, shoulders and back."


Take A Holistic Approach

"I swear by MSM, probiotics and food enzymes to glow from the inside out."