Jennifer Lawrence Has The Trick For Combatting Flyaway Hairs

Jennifer Lawrence recently debuted new hair extensions as her look for the Passengers press tour. As many of us know, having longer strands leaves more room for things to get tangled and out of control, especially in winter winds. Rather than sticking to a ponytail, updo or a hat to top things off, Jennifer’s latest style is an inventive way to wear the hair down while combating pesky flyaways.

Josiah Kamau

Getty Images

The actress was spotted out and about with two mini braids on either side of her part to keep front strands secure and off the face. The look is a laid-back take on the ever-trending plait, and it's simple enough for anyone to try. Next time blustery weather strikes, try J.Law's trick to keep your strands looking chic and under control.