The Celebrity-Approved Hairstyle You Should Try For A Night Out

David Livingston

The wet-hair look has been seen on a barrage of recent runways and red carpets. We never could’ve imagined that our post-shower hair would one day be considered chic, but we’re not mad about it either. In the past week alone it’s been worn by the likes of Shay Mitchell, Kristen Stewart and Olivia Culpo. In order to successfully recreate the look, read on for the best products and tips to get you started.

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Shay Mitchell

A lot of hairstylists start the process with damp—not totally wet—hair. Michael Silva created the look on Kim Kardashian for this year's VMAs by using a primer on damp strands to moisten her hair.

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Kristen Stewart

Use a styling oil to maintain the "wet" state of your newly primed hair. It'll also add the right amount of glossiness, while smoothing your strands.

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Olivia Culpo

A dry texturizing spray will help enhance any waves and twists that would normally form in wet hair.

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Priyanka Chopra

Need more moisture? Add a silkening mist into the mix to make the hair look extra glossy and dewy.

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Sofia Richie

Finish the look with a light hairspray. It'll keep the desired wetness in tact as well as prevent flyways later on.

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