The Top 5 Beauty Vloggers And How Much Money They Really Make

by Stephanie Montes

Imagine a life where you call your bedroom your office, beauty brands send you unlimited amounts of free product and every day you make more and more money for doing something you love on your own time. Well, for a select few, this dream life has become a reality. But how much are they really making? According to a recent report, the top beauty vlogger makes approximately $650,000 annually after YouTube has taken its cut. Here, find out which YouTube stars are making the most money in the industry and how much they actually pocket every month.

Money Talks


Mexico-based beauty vlogger, Mariand "Yuya" Castejon racks in an estimated $54,648 every month. Her energetic videos (all filmed in Spanish) focus on beauty tutorials, fashion tips, DIY projects and personal updates and rarely miss the 1 million page view mark.

Photo: @yuyacst


30-year-old YouTube blogger, Rachel "Bunny" Meyer is mostly known for her quirky sense of humor and Does This Thing Really Work? videos where she reviews popular As Seen On TV products. With a following of over 4 million subscribers, Rachel is earning an estimated $44,911 per month.

Photo: @grav3yardgirl


Sister duo Sam and Nic Chapman, are best known for their celebrity makeup tutorials where they transform themselves into Hollywood's elite. Since 2008, the sisters have gained a following of over 1.7 million subscribers and pull in an estimated $25,800 monthly.

Photo: @pixiwoos

Michelle Phan

A true entrepreneur, 27-year-old Michelle Phan is best known for her YouTube beauty tutorials but in 2013 also launched her own makeup line, em Michelle Phan with the help of L'Oreal cosmetics. All in all, she earns an estimated $19,779 every month.

Photo: @michellephan


New Jersey-based Carli Bybel's 2.4 million subscribers religiously tune in for her popular makeup videos where she has mastered the perfect contour. Her YouTube channel is raging in an estimated monthly income of $16,644.

Photo: @carlibel