Hailee Steinfeld’s Favorite Beauty Tool Is Our Worst Nightmare

by Stephanie Montes

I caught up with Hailee Steinfeld at the Garnier Fructis iHeart Style Lounge (right before she hit the stage at the music festival!) to talk about all things beauty. We chatted about her favorite DIY beauty (a coconut oil-coffee scrub she found on Pinterest) and her makeup routine (she scouted her makeup artist Melissa Hernandez from a MAC counter). When we stumbled upon the subject of hair, she dropped the biggest bomb on me: “I love to curl my hair with a beachwaver,” she said, with the biggest smile on her face. I immediately knew what she was talking about. It’s the spinning curling iron, similar to one that almost sent me into a panic attack during a Facebook Live video. Once I tell her about my reservations, she admits, “I had one for so long before I first used it, because I was just as terrified of it. Now, I think it’s the best thing ever—it curls my hair for me.” Well, all I can say is, to each her own! Just because I had a scary encounter with a spinning hair curler, doesn’t mean it’s not amazing. Just ask Hailee.

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