Gwyneth Paltrow’s First Fragrance Is Perfect For Winter

With fall still in the air, we’re not totally ready to embrace plunging temperatures and imminent layers that come with the winter season. But a new beauty venture by Gwyneth Paltrow promises to make the wind chill more bearable—namely a scent that recalls “sitting by the fireplace in a library.” The Goop founder just released Edition 01, her first perfume and candle in a series of fragrances inspired by the four seasons. Working with scent designer Douglas Little, Gwyneth created a smoky aroma with a mix of frankincense, vanilla and juniper among other ingredients that contain healing properties (from helping balance depression to assisting in meditation). If you haven’t already found your signature scent or are simply looking for therapy in a bottle, this may be just the thing to help you get through the cool months ahead. Shop the fragrance here.

Edition 01, Winter 2016, Goop.com.