Gigi Hadid Shares Her Genius Trick For Applying Lipstick

ICYMI: Gigi Hadid’s new makeup collection with Maybelline nearly broke the internet last week. The initial launch overseas at Boots UK sold out in just 90 minutes, but luckily Ulta.com still has product available. The range includes a classic matte nude lipstick named Taura, appropriately named after Gigi’s astrological sign, Taurus. In a new mini tutorial, she displays her application skills and shows how she manages to rock a flawless nude lip when she’s on the go (constantly). In the clip, she explains that while most people tend to apply liner prior to their lipstick, she chooses to go rogue. She first applies a full coat of Taura, then follows up with a swipe of matching liner to trace the shape of her pout. The final result is a clean, perfectly shaped nude lip that complements the rest of her makeup look. Watch her tips below, then try them for yourself.