Gigi Hadid’s New Hair Color Is The Perfect Shade For Fall

Gigi Hadid is the epitome of a California girl, down to her long, blonde mermaid-esque waves. On the rare occasion that we do see her stray from her natural sun-kissed mane, we presume it’s for a major modeling gig. In the past she’s made subtle short-term additions of lighter blonde tones and hints of brown, but this time it seems she’s gone for an even bigger change.

Jawad Elatab / Splash News

Splash News

Gigi's been spotted out and about in NYC sporting a shade noticeably darker—she's officially on board with the bronde hair trend, which is the halfway point between blonde and brunette, the perfect update for fall. (Despite the switch-up, her go-to cascading waves are still in effect.)

We're hoping she keeps the look going strong, but with the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show filming at the end of the month, we'll be on the lookout to see if she returns to her flaxen roots.