Emma Roberts Just Gave Her Hair A Darker Upgrade

Felipe Ramales / Splash News
Getty Images

Emma Roberts has had a good amount of dye jobs during her time in the spotlight. She's tried blonde, brown and plenty renditions of red—and rocked each shade flawlessly. She surprised us back in March when she traded in her signature red hair for a chocolate brown that she called "smoky quartz." The brown faded over time and she embraced the chestnut shade she was left with in the end. However, Emma just gave her mane another dark upgrade.


Emma headed to her go-to hair guru, Nikki Lee of Nine Zero One, for the color switch. She now wears a cooler brown that's only a few shades away from black. We're not sure if the switch is for an upcoming role or if Emma just wanted a quick touchup. Either way, she looks amazing.