Drew Barrymore Adds This Crazy Step To Her Makeup Routine

Steve Granitz

We’re never hesitant to take beauty advice from Drew Barrymore—after all, she has her own cosmetics line. The Flower Beauty founder shared a step-by-step makeup tutorial with Vogue, and we realized she has one genius hack for getting her skin extra glowy. First, she creates a flawless base with a foundation stick, followed by highlighter, bronzer and then blush—no primer in sight. But here’s the genius part: She then scoops a bit of moisturizer into her hands and pats it across her entire face. She insists that this step guarantees a radiance that highlighter alone cannot.

We would typically apply moisturizer prior to makeup, but her reverse step is totally worth a try. She then tops off her skin with setting powder, allowing it to seep into the moisturizer. To add an extra dose of illumination to your own makeup routine, try Drew’s beauty hack.