The Bombshells From A Bikini A Day Share Their Beauty Rules

If you didn’t think being a beach babe could turn into a full-time gig, think again—Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman have parlayed their love for the sand and surf into a legitimate business. Their blog A Bikini A Day has grown to become an Internet sensation (both ladies each have over one million followers on Instagram), and they’ve since launched their own product line, Monday Swimwear. We chatted with the drop-dead gorgeous duo on what practices and products they swear by for a beautiful life, on and off the beach.


Natasha & Devin Share Their Beauty Rules


Their Non-Negotiables

1. "Never go to sleep with makeup on." 2. "Moisturize head-to-toe every night and drink a lot of water to keep skin hydrated from the inside out." 3. "Wear face SPF everyday and a hat when in the sun." 4. "Less is more when it comes to makeup—keep it as natural as possible." 5. "Always have freshly painted nails and NEVER have a French pedicure!"

New Beauty Discoveries

"Everything Caudalie! I recently replaced my entire skincare regimen with their line. The brand, which was born in a French vineyard, has the most amazing all-natural, plant-based anti-aging products. I love that they are eco-friendly, and everything comes in travel sizes." —Devin

"On a recent trip to Italy I discovered Bvlgari Blanc bath tea bags—they smell amazing and make your skin feel so good after a relaxing soak." —Natasha

Worthy Splurge

"YSL Shocking mascara is really the best, and worth splurging on—it sounds weird, but it smells good too!" —Natasha

Cheap Thrill

"Save on moisturizing cream—nothing beats Nivea." —Devin


How To Feel Confident In A Bikini

"Never compare yourself to others—every woman is different and unique which is what makes us all truly beautiful. We also like to remind women that the beach is not a runway show, it's a place of relaxation and freedom. It shouldn’t matter how you look as long as you feel happy." —Natasha

Always In Their Beauty Bags

"Nuxe's shimmer oil makes your skin look next-level in the sun and on the beach. La Mer The Mist is amazing when traveling on planes to instantly refresh your skin. Lucas' Papaw ointment is so good as lip balm—it's a little Australian secret. Morrocanoil's treatment oil and hair masks are great to revitalize our locks when we have spent time in the sun and ocean. Clinique's mineral face sunscreen is so lightweight and doesn't make your skin break out. Fresh's soy face wash cleanses your skin so well and leaves it feeling smooth and soft. Aromatherapy Associates' bath and massage oil is relaxing and smells amazing! Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray gives great texture without damaging your hair." —Natasha and Devin