Chrissy Teigen Might Have Just Dyed Her Hair Red

Getty Images for NARAS

Chrissy Teigen has mastered highlights more than most. With subtle tones of brown and blonde all along her strands, she’s pulled off several hairstyles and cuts in her day. While she’s had a few stints as a full brunette, it seems that the model has now added another color tone into her mane. Jen Atkin shared a photo of Chrissy that makes it look like shades of red have made their way into her hair; then her makeup artist, Liz Castellanos, posted a closeup shot of the star in which the vibrant hints of rouge are a lot more visible.

It could be that Chrissy just wanted to switch up her look for the new season or that the lighting in the room is playing some tricks on us (which was the case for Selena Gomez). We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more photos of Chrissy’s possible new ‘do and will add an update here as soon as we can. Below, take a look at the red shade everyone can’t stop talking about, and decide for yourself if Chrissy is now a redhead.