6 Creative Ways Chrissy Teigen Styles Her Highlights

Whether Chrissy Teigen is walking the red carpet in a super-modern braid or taking over Snapchat in a simple topknot, there’s a certain something that always makes her ‘do look extra polished: highlights. She consistently proves that just a few ribbons of dimension can take any look up a notch. To avoid falling flat during your next hair experiment, click through for gorgeous inspiration from the down-to-earth (but always glam) style queen.

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The Wet Look

At the 2017 Grammys, Chrissy put her own spin on the popular wet-hair trend. Rather than going for longer strands, Chrissy stuck to her lob, and her highlights made everything look chic rather than damp.


Soft Ponytail

Chrissy's go-to hair guru Jen Atkin lightly teased the model's hair and tucked it into a soft, classy ponytail. Blonde additions brought visible volume to the pulled-back style.


Retro Curls

While embracing her natural length sans extensions, Chrissy wore curls to give off a full-on '80s vibe. Golden tones added depth to her spirals, resulting in an even more bountiful head of hair.


Triple-Decker Braid

For one of the more eccentric styles Chrissy's worn recently, stylist John Ruggiero divided her hair into three sections, then wove them all into one single braid. Contrasting shades added boldness to the already intricate style.


Multi-Braid Hybrid

Chrissy graced the red carpet at the 2016 Oscars donning a literal pile of braids. Hairstylist Christian Wood wove a number of them from the crown of her head into one big plait cascading down her back. Twisting highlights into one another made her brighter hues stand out.

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Classic Topknot

Like every It girl, Chrissy loves a good topknot. The updo puts the spotlight on the sunny tones in her hair and shows off her stunning bone structure.