The Tricks Celebrity Makeup Artists Use On The Red Carpet

Celebrity makeup artists have a huge task on their hands when it comes to getting their clients red-carpet ready, and they have more than a few tricks up their sleeves for accentuating everyone’s different features. Luckily, we beauty editors are able to share some of these insider tips so you can try them at home. While we certainly don’t have dozens of cameras flashing in our faces on a regular basis, it doesn’t hurt to incorporate A-list beauty tricks into our own (admittedly more modest) makeup routines.

Courtesy of Maybelline

Pro Tips

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Use A Silicone Sponge

For Chrissy Teigen's 2017 Grammys look, Patrick Ta applied her makeup using the Makeup Drop silicone sponge. He's a fan of the unconventional tool because it "doesn't waste any product."

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Contour Hooded Eyes

Michael Ashton added a subtle contour to Adele's eyes for the 2017 Grammys red carpet and her multiple performances. He applied a light, neutral shade across the eyelid and blended a deeper hue into the middle of the crease, making the eyes look more awake.

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Enhance Pigment

Emily Blunt's coral smoky eye wasn't the result of a dark shade. Jenn Streicher applied shadow using a wet brush to intensify the pigment and its iridescence.

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Double Up On Brow Color

While most of us stick to one shade when applying product to our brows, that isn't the case for Natalie Portman. Makeup artist Pati Dubroff used two different tones of eyebrow powder to build the color of her natural arches and give good definition.

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Open The Eyes

Lady Gaga's eye makeup here features deep hues of red and gold, but there was a small detail that made a huge impact. Sarah Tanno used a powder-pink eyeliner along Gaga's waterline to open the eyes and make the whites look even brighter.