The Celebrity-Beloved Trick To Staying Young

Celebrities, models and socialites alike seem to age a lot slower than the rest of us. This is probably unsurprising, since they have access to nonconventional procedures that the rest of us don’t, like high-end laser treatments, facials and more. Recently though, they’re even going as far as adding human cells into their beauty routines! Byrdie reports that celebrities including Kourtney Kardashian, Sarah Hyland and Sofia Vergara are fans of a moisturizer by the brand Exo Face, which contains human exosomes.

Each cell in our bodies contains a certain amount of exosomes. When they interact with each other, exosomes transfer back and forth to make all cells equally healthy. Through the brand’s exclusive Zen3 technology, they’ve been able to duplicate exosomes that promote skin perfection—specifically syncing cells that increase hydration, radiance and self-repair in order to reduce aging. If we’ve lost you with all the scientific details, don’t worry—just look at how great these women look and you’ll get the hint.

If you’ve ever doubted that face creams can actually help make you wrinkle-free, this one may finally prove it for once and for all. Each bottle of the eXO Bio.digital Perfection Moisturizer contains more than 150 exosomes and is the only moisturizer of its kind. It’ll also cost you $118 for less than 2 fluid ounces of product, so it must be powerful.