Cara Delevingne Debuts A New Pixie Cut

Cara Delevingne recently shared that for her upcoming role in Life in a Year, she’ll have to shave off all her hair. The model-turned-actress also explained that her platinum dye job was solely for fun, since her strands would eventually have to go. Well, the moment has come, and she’s detailing it all on her Instagram stories.

Last night, Cara posted a photo of icy blonde and baby pink hair chunks on the ground, captioning it, “Oh no!” Teen Vogue also reported that yesterday Cara was spotted with light pink additions to her hair, making the clear connection that the locks on the ground are hers. She has yet to reveal what she actually looks like, but we can’t wait to see her big debut.

Photo: @caradelevingne via Instagram stories


Update: Cara debuted a fresh pixie cut with a selfie shortly after posting the teaser on her Instagram story.