This Is Cara Delevingne’s Alternative To A Necklace

Getty Images

Cara Delevingne is no stranger to turning heads and making a statement. The model-turned-actress is often seen wearing bold fashions, and accentuating her infamously thick eyebrows. While she’s become a fashion and beauty icon to all of us, the team at Burberry has certainly taken notice of Cara’s influencer status. As a British It Girl she’s always seen sitting front row at Burberry’s London Fashion Week show, and this season was no different. However, we couldn’t help but notice that Cara took her unconventional style to a whole new level with an interesting replacement for jewelry.

Ahead of the show, Cara posed for the paparazzi and fashion week photographers dressed in all black with smoky eye makeup. She paired her neck-plunging dress with a stripe of black paint starting from beneath her chin all the way down to the end of her torso. It gives off the same effect as a long necklace would, although we’re not sure what look she was really going for. Yet again, it is Cara we’re talking about so we can’t say we’re absolutely surprised that she’d be the one to try this.