This Is Why Blake Lively’s Hair Always Looks So Good

Splash News

Blake Lively wore a whopping five hairstyles while promoting her new film All I See Is You in New York City yesterday. The blonde beauty paraded around town to complete her movie’s press tour looking absolutely gorgeous, with a golden mane to match each of her street-style-worthy outfits. If there’s one thing Blake’s fans have noticed it’s that her hair always looks so good. Whether cascading waves, a low-maintenance plait or a chic updo, Blake’s got it down pat. So how does she manage to pull it off without flyaways, split ends or faded color in sight? Leave it to her mane man Rod Ortega to share his hair maintenance tips: Invest in good hair products, invest in safe hair tools that won’t cause heat damage and visit your hairstylist every six weeks for a trim. Now it’s up to you to follow Rod’s lead, and you’ll be left with a head of hair that’s in better shape than you ever dreamed.