Bella Hadid’s Secret For Perfect Skin Isn’t What You’d Expect


Thanks to hectic schedules and constant travel, models have a few pro tips up their sleeves when it comes to skincare. As for Bella Hadid—the new face of Dior Beauty—her clear complexion is the result of an unconventional cleanser. In a recent interview with Elle , Bella shared that because she wears tons of makeup for her modeling gigs, she turns to a men’s face wash to remove impurities. Her secret weapon is Dior Homme Micro-Purifying Cleansing Gel for deep cleaning and exfoliation.

Because men’s skin typically produces more oil than women’s, their products are more intense, which is a boon to the buildup Bella faces due to her work. While most of us certainly don’t have to put our skin through the stresses supermodels do, we can relate to the constant struggle of our skin not feeling clean enough. To keep your own complexion brighter and more youthful, give Bella’s little secret a try.

Photo: Dior

You can purchase Dior Homme Micro-Purifying Cleansing Gel here.