This Is Bella Hadid’s Secret To Clear Skin

Getty Images

Like her many supermodel counterparts, Bella Hadid has skin that looks nothing short of perfect. With endless traveling and constant makeup application, the It girl has to have some skincare tricks up her sleeve. She already shared that she prefers to use a men’s face wash to rid her pores of any impurities, and now her aesthetician has shared Bella’s product obsession for glowing skin.

Celebrity skincare guru Mzia Shiman was responsible for prepping Bella’s face prior to her Victoria’s Secret runway debut last December. The serum she used before Bella got her makeup applied is still something the model swears by today. According to Byrdie, Mzia used Decléor’s Aromessence Rose D’Orient Soothing Oil Serum for an added skincare boost. The serum is actually a blend of essential oils, including sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, rose flower oil and more. Apart from softening the skin, it’s anti-inflammatory and provides an ultra-soothing feeling. It may be deeply penetrating, but it’s gentle enough for each and every skin type. To try Bella’s skincare secret, just apply three drops of the serum onto a clean canvas prior to moisturizing.