Bella Hadid’s New Haircut Is Her Boldest One Yet

Getty Images

Bella Hadid is no stranger to experimenting with her hair. From platinum blonde locks to baby pink waves to to Rapunzel-length braids, she’s managed to test nearly all the waters trend-wise, and now she’s officially decided to try yet another ‘do to start off the new year.

On a late-night kick, Bella enlisted her go-to hairstylist Jen Atkin to work her scissor (or clip-in) magic. Jen took to Snapchat to reveal Bella’s final look, and the model posed in the most blunt set of bangs we’ve seen her in. The new fringe lies straight across her brow bone without a single ounce of wispiness in sight (a look we saw her rock briefly late last year)—but we’re not sure it’s actually real. Clip-in bangs had a huge moment in 2016, and we bet they’ll roll easily into this year.

Judging by how swiftly celebrities and supermodels switch up their cut and color these days, there’s no telling how long Bella’s bold new bangs will last. We’re just hoping for more snaps of the It girl’s look so we can witness the full effect.

Photo: Snapchat/@jenatkinhair