Miracle Worker

by The Zoe Report

As every diehard Zoe Reporter knows, Byron Williams is an uber-talented hair maestro—not to mention, our close friend. Here at Team Zoe, we love him—not only for his styling genius, but also for his ability to develop products that seem to give our hair exactly what it needs, no matter what the dilemma.

Case in point: By Byron’s new Replenish Shampoo and Conditioner set, developed specifically for highly active and color-treated hair. For those accustomed to a “no pain, no gain” styling routine (guilty as charged!), this multitasking duo is nothing short of a lifesaver. Created from a unique blend of rainforest-grown vitamins and minerals, Byron’s restorative mix of Amazonian Maracuja oil, Brazil nut and buriti returns shine and strength to over-processed tresses, while heat-activated conditioners rescues from a daily battle against frizz. Guilt-free heat styling? We die! Whether your hair is crying out for an emergency intervention or just needs a little TLC, indulge in By Byron’s luxurious Replenish duo and revel in your new, envy-inducing locks!

Availability: By Byron Replenish Shampoo and Conditioner ($21 each). For additional information, visit Bybryon.com.