Brit Beauty

by The Zoe Report

Clear out some room in your cosmetic cases girls because Burberry just launched a makeup line and it is as good—make that, flawless—as one would expect. Living up to the British fashion house’s standards, each product in the 96-piece debut collection is luxurious and classic. Take for example—Burberry’s Lip Glow!

While attending the afternoon tea party (a very appropriate fête) to celebrate the Burberry Beauty launch in Beverly Hills last week, I was able to try this creamy lip color first-hand and I couldn’t be more in awe! Available in twelve understated shades—No. 9 Nude beige is my top pick—it goes on smoothly and leaves one’s lips plump and perfectly hued. I recommend it for whenever you want to want downplay your look or balance out an over-the-top smoky eye. After you are hooked on the gloss, indulge yourself in the Sheer Eyeshadow and Light Glow Natural Blush for an all-over aesthetic that is fresh and effortless. xoRZ

Availability: Burberry Lip Glow ($27). For additional retailer information, visit Burberry.com.