7 Insanely-Cool Braids For Every Day This Week

by Stephanie Montes

Relying a little too heavily on your trusty topknot? There’s nothing like a cool braid sitch to break you out of your boring hair rut. We’ve rounded up 7 styles that are guaranteed to get you noticed from Monday through Sunday. So long, bad hair day.


Create a narrow section down the center of your hair. Starting at the back, create a French braid up to the hairline. Split ends and tuck behind your ears like bangs.

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Pull hair straight back into a messy ponytail. Create a fishtail and pull to one side.

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Part hair down the middle and loosely braid both sections. Tie both braids together and slip on a braided headband that matches your hair color.

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Grab a small sections from behind each ear and braid. Tie both ends together at the back.

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Complement your beach waves with 2 micro braids at the front. Also works to conceal awkward-length bangs.

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Create 2 braids on each side of the center part and pull into a sleek, low ponytail.

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Create 3 sections (a bigger one down the middle and 1 on each side) and create a French braids on each one. Secure ends of all 3 together.

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