Borrowed From The Boys: 10 Grooming Products To Steal From Your Guy

by Stephanie Montes

We’re guessing your boyfriend’s perfectly worn-in slouchy sweater has found a new permanent home on your side of the closet, but have you ever bothered to raid his medicine cabinet? You might want to. We did, and we’ve never had smoother legs and softer skin. See the 10 grooming products we are borrowing from the boys—whether they like it or not.

With such beautiful results, we're sure he won't mind.

Photo: Adam Katz Sinding

Shaving Cream

The shea butter and essential oils in this thick cream work with a man's coarse facial hair to achieve a super-close shave. Imagine how smooth it could make your legs!


The same hair pomade that keeps your boyfriend’s hair in place all day gives you incredible texture. Hello, gorgeous beach waves! Goodbye, pesky flyaways!

Face Mask

The couple that primps together stays together: Get glowing skin with this pore-cleansing green-tea mask for men.

Manicure Tool

As scary as this looks, it’s the perfect tool to throw in your purse. This clutch-friendly set comes complete with cleaning tools and a nail file.


We've never looked back after borrowing this from our guy: This razor always delivers an ultra-close shave sans ingrown hairs.

Eye Cream

Geared towards men, this moisturizing cream hydrates the under-eye area to remove bags and dark circles. Who knew something so masculine could be so pretty?


Sometimes there is nothing more feminine than wearing your man's scent. And the best part is you'll still be able to smell him when he's not around.

Body Soap

Not just for the “ultimate man,” this exfoliating bar cleanses and removes dead skin for your softest skin ever.


This gel targets razor bumps and ingrown hairs on men and promises to work the same wonders on your gams. Once he puts one hand on your knee, he'll instantly forgive you for stealing it.


We've saved the most classic item for last. If this antiperspirant works for him, just imagine the job it’ll do on you. The best part is it’s invisible and lightweight so you don’t have to worry about it rubbing off on your LBD.