Zoe Do: Big Bangs

by The Zoe Report

Always on our radar, it wasn’t until we saw a slew of beautiful bangs sashay down the spring runways that we started to flirt with the idea of fringe. From the feathery wisps at Marc Jacobs to the bold layers at Hermès and dramatic center parts at Miu Miu, we can’t get enough of this this season’s face-framing favorite. Dreaming to give your bangs a boost? Try these easy styling tips from Team Zoe mane man, Joey Maalouf!

For faux side-swept bangs à la Miu Miu:

  1. To fake some fringe, first give your damp mane a spritz of glossing spray.
  2. Using your fingers and a blow dryer, gently tousle hair until it’s dry.
  3. Taking a comb, part hair down the center into two symmetrical sections and secure the back two-thirds into a loose ponytail. (Tip: Use an elastic to keep it separated while you style.)
  4. With a round brush and blow dryer on high heat, wrap and roll each section away from your face, lifting slightly at the root.
  5. Next, release your ponytail and secure the front sections at each temple with matching hair pins.
  6. Finish with a light spritz of hairspray.

For blunt layers à la Hermès:

  1. Start with damp bangs and give them a spritz of thickening spray for texture. (Tip: Make sure your fringe is freshly trimmed!)
  2. Using a round brush and a blow dryer, lift and roll bangs up and out in a circular motion until hair is dry. (Tip: a blast of cool air to bangs at the end of drying will help set your look!)
  3. Finish with a mist of hairspray and a chic headband!

For flyaway fringe à la Marc Jacobs:

  1. Start with damp bangs and lightly add heat serum for definition.
  2. Using your fingers and a blow dryer, gently tousle hair until it’s dry.
  3. For a super-straight style, use a mini straightening iron to flatten the ends to your taste.
  4. To finish, take a small amount of styling wax and separate the ends to give your look a rough, chunky texture.