The Best Texture Sprays According To Hairstylists

It’s officially the season of the beachy wave. Do YOU have the proper product to achieve summer’s most coveted ’do? To make sure you do, we enlisted a crew of the industry’s top hairstylists to dish on their favorite texture products so you can spritz your way to salty, ocean-tousled perfection. Don’t be surprised if you fool passersby into thinking you actually live by the beach.

"I like Sachajuan Ocean Mist more than most salt-spray products because it still leaves a bit of shine in the hair. A lot of others tend to make hair a little dusty." –Benjamin Mohapi of Benjamin with Negin Zand Salon

“Ocean Mist creates grit, texture and light hold in the hair without feeling heavy or crunchy. I can layer it on if I need more texture or just use a light spritz before styling. I use this before almost every blow-dry, and it smells amazing!” —Jen Atkin

"I love the Ocean Mist spray because it leaves hair refreshed and not dried out." —Chris Bragg of Goddard + Bragg

"Living Proof's texture spray is my go-to for that lived-in, beachy, day-old hair look. But being from Manhattan Beach, California, I grew up with that hair, and I have to say—nothing beats real ocean water." —Chris McMillan of Chris McMillan Salon

"Unite Beach Day is light yet buildable. You can spritz in as much as you want for texture that doesn't feel too gritty. The more you use, the more effect you get." —Riawna Capri of Nine Zero One Salon

"I love R + Co's salt spray because it's flexible and gives great texture! I can use it on wet or dry hair." —Anh Co Tran of Ramirez | Tran Salon

"Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray gives a beautiful shine and the best beachy look. It's a lighter spray that creates a wavy and piece-y texture." —Johnny Ramirez of Ramirez | Tran Salon

"I love Maui Wowie by Philip B because the texture is completely pliable. Most salt sprays tend to dry out your hair and change the texture and shine drastically. Maui Wowie leaves your tresses shiny while creating that effortless, beachy wave." —Adir Abergel

"David Mallett Australian Salt Spray is my go-to product for beach hair without over drying your tresses." —Ashley Streicher of Striiike

"Spray A Porter by Kerastase is my go-to wave spray. Whether I'm using it as a finisher to re-wet and scrunch waves or spraying on each section before I curl, it has anti-humidity properties and gives you a soft, sandy feel instead of a dry, salty one. It's definitely always in my kit!" —Jay Scott Jackson Jr. of DreamDry

"My go-to product for achieving tousled, undone texture is Redken Fashion Waves spray, which uses the power of sea salt to give you the most beautiful beach waves with body and movement." —Rodney Cutler of Cutler Salon

"I'm obsessed with Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion!" —Joey Maalouf

"I have 3 favorites—Sally Hershberger Mineral Spray, Sally Hershberger 24K Think Big Dry Shampoo and Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. All provide the right amount of texture without making hair feel too gritty or dirty. They expertly boost volume, while giving you that sexy, beachy, tousled look. Also, the scents are spot on! What's also great is they are light enough that you can always go back and add more if you need." —Paul Perez of Sally Hershberger LA

Pro Tips For Your Best Beach Waves

"The best way to achieve summer waves is to spray a little Ocean Mist into damp hair, split it into 4 or 6 sections and then twist each section until it starts curling up on itself. Wrap each of these twists into its own little bun and wait for it to dry (you can do this the night before if your hair takes a long time to dry). Once the hair is dry, shake it out and rake it through with your fingers. Scrunch in a couple more sprays of the mist, and you’re done. It's the perfect texture to rock with a tan!" –Benjamin Mohapi

"To best optimize the beach-wave look, dry hair naturally using a texture spray and then use the T3 Twirl 360 curling iron on the ends to ensure the waves stay." —Chris Bragg

"Mist some salt spray on towel-dried hair, then wrap your hair into a loose topknot and use a diffuser to blow it dry. Once dry, let it down, and you should have cascading waves." — Adir Abergel

Adir creating beachy waves on Maria Sharapova. Photo: @hairbyadir