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The 26 Best Sunscreen Products Of 2024

Look forward to wearing SPF.

by TZR Beauty Team
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best sunscreen products 2024

TZR Beauty Heroes are vetted products out of the dozens that land on our editors’ desks throughout the year. This month, TZR’s beauty team shares its favorite sunscreen buys.

You pat on vitamin C every morning, apply a pea-sized amount of retinol at night, and get laser treatments from your dermatologist, but you’re still dealing with reoccurring hyperpigmentation and uneven texture. The reality is that even the most intensive routine will be a skin care Groundhog Day if it doesn’t include sunscreen. Along with preventing skin cancer, SPF also minimizes visible signs of aging like dark spots and wrinkles. While wearing sunscreen sounds like a simple solution in theory, historically, they’ve been so unpleasant to wear. Think goopy pore-clogging creams that leave behind a white cast.

Fortunately, skin care brands have heard your grievances and developed sunscreens that feel as elegant to use as your favorite fancy moisturizers and silky serums. Better yet, many formulas are stacked with the same active ingredients you look for in firming, brightening, and blemish-fighting products. We’re in the golden age of this category — there are now more options than ever. But whether you prefer chemical or physical formulas, all of these choices make picking one more confusing than ever. All the misinformation spreading on TikTok surrounding the category can also makes shopping for SPF tough, especially in regard to certain SPF filters like oxybenzone and octinoate. (Both have been banned in Hawaii and Key West for potentially causing environment harm. As a result, brands are starting to use alternatives in their products.)

Next to dermatologists, arguably no one has read up on the latest sunscreen developments or tried more formulas than beauty editors. So after experiencing a number of recent launches firsthand, the TZR team is presenting our top sunscreen products of 2024. These are the formulas that have stood out among the rest to earn coveted spots in our medicine cabinets. And because protecting yourself from skin cancer and visible effects of sun damage doesn’t stop at your neck, we’ve included picks for the rest of your body, too.

Ahead, discover the best face, body, and lip sunscreens, plus products that blur the lines between sun care and makeup. Expect to look forward to wearing SPF everyday.

The Silky Sunscreen Serum

The Priming Sunscreen

The Untinted Mineral Sunscreen

The Hydrating Sunscreen

The Tinted Mineral Sunscreen

The Dewy Sunscreen Stick

The Soothing Sunscreen

The Sensitive Skin-Safe Sunscreen

The Dark Spot Brightening Sunscreen

The Sunscreen Essence

The Rihanna-Approved Sunscreen Tint

The Moisturizing Sunscreen Tint

The Pore-Blurring Sunscreen Tint

The Sunscreen Tint For Sensitive Skin

The Skin-Correcting Sunscreen Tint

The Lightweight Sunscreen Lotion

The Mineral Sunscreen Mist

The Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion

The Glow-Boosting Sunscreen Mist

The Sunscreen Lotion For Beach Days

The Sunscreen Mist With A Delectable Scent

The Self-Tanner With Sunscreen

The Blush With Sunscreen

The Brightening Eye Cream With Sunscreen

The Sunscreen Tint For Popsicle Lips

The Sunscreen Mist For Your Scalp