Fake It: Team Zoe’s Favorite Self Tanning Products

Investing in sunless tanner can be quite the process; the number of futuristic formulas on the market could make anyone’s head spin. To assure your quest for sun-kissed color results in a streak-free bronze that could be mistaken for a month spent in Capri, consider trying out a Team Zoe-approved potion first to fake your way to the perfect bake.

10 Ways To Fake It

Shop Team Zoe's favorite sunless tanning formulas.


"I've tried a ton of self tanners and lately I've been obsessed with these tanning towels. They are the easiest to use, never streak and give the perfect sun-kissed glow!" — Nicole Cutright, Account Manager

Made For Men

"I have pretty dark skin so I tend to not need sunless tanners but I absolutely fell in love with the bronzing gel from Tom Ford's new mens line. It gives the perfect amount of glow and helps even out my skin on days when I don't necessarily wake up 'flawless.'" — Jordan Silver, Marketing Manager

Cult Favorite

"I love St. Tropez's tanning mousse and mitt applicator. It's a favorite of makeup artists and is easy to travel with." — Jill Lincoln, Style Director

For Your Face

"I don't really use self tanners living in SoCal where it's easy to have a sun kissed complexion (but safely--use SPF every day!). In the winter, or if I'm feeling washed out, or having skin problems, I just pump a little of this tint into regular face moisturizer and am good to go. It looks natural, evens out your skin, doesn't have any nasty chemicals and washes right off." — Tom Balamaci, General Manager of Zoe Media Group


"These little pads are amazing. They exfoliate while providing a natural looking glow and they come packaged individually making them great for travel." — Andrea Sexton, Digital Sales Director

For Every Skin Tone

"Smells great, adds a glow that stays put, and the dry spray application means you can apply just a light dusting so you don't accidentally go oompa loompa." — Nicky Deam, Editorial Manager


"I love how easy this is to apply; the lightweight mousse dries in seconds and leaves me streak-free. Most importantly, the natural-looking color lasts forever. I still get compliments on my 'sun-kissed glow' weeks after application." — Stephanie Montes, Beauty Editor

No-Mess Spray

"It's foolproof! I never have streaks or orange ankles. It sprays evenly and has a really natural color. Plus you don't have to rub it in after so no mess or splotchy orange hands." — Lindsay Pogemiller, Styling Assistant


"I've tried them all and this one is the best self tanner out there. The greenish undertone blends in with your skin to counteract any orange hue that will otherwise make your tan look fake or contrived. The time released formula goes on smooth without looking streaky and It's smells so good!" — Mel Chalian, Executive Assistant

No Downtime

"This mousse goes on dark brown (not orange) and DOES NOT smell like stinky self tanner. Expect instant results and zero downtime—it dries instantly. Definitely a must-try for any skin tone." — Jennifer Ash, Accessories Editor

Make It Last

Whether it's a faux glow or the real deal, make your tan last by staying hydrated and moisturized. Don't forget to exfoliate beforehand to create the perfect canvas for dark color.