The Best Sunscreens For Girls Who Hate Sunscreen

Three girls that hate sunscreen standing in a park

We don’t need to wax poetic about how SPF is an instrumental part of any perfect skin routine—after all, you already know it’s an essential product, no matter the season. But did you ever stop and wonder if you know everything your SPF is capable of? From radiance-boosting abilities to oil-busting benefits, it might surprise you to know that your trusty skin savior goes beyond just SPF. Brace yourselves, beauty junkies, because we’re about to reveal the hidden talents of our favorite SPF multi-taskers.

Vanessa Jackman

SPF And Then Some

Hidden Talent: Moisturizes

Thanks to the lush trifecta of shea butter and olive and avocado oils, this airy mousse with an SPF of 50 leaves skin soft, supple and protected.

Hidden Talent: Acts as a Foundation

This multi-tasker lives up to its “Perfector” name, defending against sun damage while also delivering a flawless finish to your complexion that rivals your tried-and-true favorite foundation.

Hidden Talent: Fights Multiple Causes of Photoaging

UV rays aren’t the only stressor on this does-it-all formula’s radar. It also defends against pollution and damaging free radicals that can come from your smart phone and computer. Its power lies in a potent blend of antioxidant-rich ingredients, including Echinacea GreenEnvy™ and Black Chokeberry extract.

Hidden Talent: Controls Oil

If you’re loathe to slather on an SPF because of the potential grease factor, then allow us to introduce you to your new go-to sunscreen. This oil-free, SPF-infused formula regulates excess sebum production to impart a matte finish to skin.

Hidden Talent: Boosts Radiance

The illuminating iteration of Laura Mercier’s cult classic tinted moisturizer, this lightweight formula envelops skin in a bright glow, thanks to the presence of micro pearl pigments.