Best-Selling Mascaras From Top Beauty Brands

2014 Adam Katz Sinding

The search for the perfect mascara is a story as old as time: This formula is too clumpy, that one is too dry and the other is way too flaky for your taste. It’s no wonder your makeup drawer is littered with barely used tubes, yet your makeup bag is lacking one you trust enough to use every day. To end the guessing game once and for all, we asked the top beauty brands to let us in on their best-selling mascaras. Batting your eyelashes has never looked so good.

Your Guide To The Most Luscious Lashes Ever

Photo: Adam Katz Sinding


As the name suggests, Dior's Diorshow buildable mascara is the answer to the lushest, most show-stopping lashes ever.


MAC's In Extreme Dimension 3-D Black Lash formula goes on supersmooth and stays put through breakups, workouts and everything in between.


We may never find out if she's born with it, but we do know that Maybelline's Great Lash is still the most beloved drugstore mascara of all time.


The patented swan-neck wand that comes with Lancôme's newest mascara offering, Grandiose, is a total game-changer. The bend-y silhouette means each and every lash gets an even coating of the rich formula.


Clinique's High Impact mascara is a favorite among women everywhere for its super-rich, glossy pigmentation and extreme curling capabilities.


Chanel's Inimitable mascara is legendary in the beauty world. A single stroke of this plumping potion is all it takes to achieve a wide-eyed, smoldering look.