The Best Face Creams & Oils For Glowy, Radiant Skin

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If you’re moisturizing regularly, you’re already on the path toward glowing skin. But it’s true that there are some moisturizers that can give your skin an immediate glow, usually thanks to some light-reflecting particles in the formula. Alternatively, many of the best moisturizers for glowing skin contain radiance-boosting ingredients (like niacinamide or vitamin C) that work to promote clearer, glowier skin over time. You’ll find options that do both of these things just ahead.

Some other tips for glowing skin? Make sure you’re wearing sunscreen regularly. This will help promote a clear, even-looking complexion — assuming that’s what you mean by “glowing” — in the long term. Layer on the antioxidant-rich serums, as well, which should help keep your skin protected from environmental aggressors that could potentially dull your complexion. If, however, you mean “shimmery” when you say glowing, invest in a creamy highlighter that you can dab on before and/or after moisturizing, depending on your desired intensity; focus on your cheek bones and brow bone for the most natural-looking effect.

Assuming you’re already armed with a great sunscreen, scroll on to shop five of the best moisturizers for glowing skin. And don’t worry if you’re not, because you’ll find an amazing face cream with SPF here, as well.

1. The Best Face Cream With SPF For A Long-Term Glow

To keep your skin looking glowy over time, use this moisturizer from Paula’s Choice daily. It’s packed with everything you could want to maintain clear, radiant skin: antioxidants derived from vitamins and plant extracts, like kiwi, niacinamide, and licorice; glycerin and argan oil for immediate (and long-lasting) moisture; and zinc oxide and titanium dioxide for mineral sun protection. It has an SPF of 30, the daily amount recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology — coupled with all those vitamins and antioxidants, this will help keep your skin protected from both the sun and other environmental aggressors, like pollution, all day long.

2. The Best Face Cream For An Instant, Shimmering Glow

If you’re looking for an instant glow, pick up this fan-favorite priming moisturizer from First Aid Beauty. While I wouldn’t call this tinted, it does have a strong shimmer to it, which lends a slight, peach-pink color to the cream itself — but it’ll blend into any skin tone without leaving behind anything more than a glowy, iridescent effect. That shimmer comes courtesy of micro-pearls in the formula, while things like coconut water and quinoa protein do the hydrating and strengthening work. There are also some good-for-skin minerals in here, like zinc and copper, for even more skin care benefits. As its name implies, this makes a wonderful base for makeup.

3. The Best Dry Face Oil For A Long-Term Glow

Prefer moisturizing with oils over creams? Then you’ll love this dry oil from Black Radiance. It’s rich in vitamin C, which, as you’re probably aware of by now, helps promote long-term clarity and glowiness thanks to its skin-protecting properties. It also contains fatty acids to keep your skin looking (and feeling) strong and plump. Like any oil, it’ll help give your skin a dewy, non-shimmery glow immediately upon application, but unlike other oils, this is a dry oil, so it won’t leave you feeling greasy. Plus, you can’t beat that under-$10 price tag.

4. The Best Face Oil For An Instant & Long-Term Glow

This Wander Beauty face oil gives skin an instant illuminating effect, but because it’s rich in antioxidants, like niacinamide, it’ll help keep your complexion looking clear and glowy over time as well. This can be applied on its own to bare skin; worn as a primer underneath makeup; mixed in with your favorite foundation or face cream; or used in lieu of highlighter as the last step in your base-makeup routine.

5. Editor’s Pick: Best Splurge

For years, I’ve stood behind this (admittedly pricey) Tata Harper moisturizer for glowy, radiant skin. Like all of the brand’s products, it’s made primarily with plant-derived ingredients of the highest quality, several of which are grown on the brand’s own farm in Vermont. (Also like all of the brand’s products, it comes packaged in a gorgeous, durable, green glass bottle; no plastic in sight here.) Over 40 unique botanicals — including five “sources of radiance” — work to nourish, plump, and hydrate skin, while a barely-there pink tint, infused with real diamond dust, leaves behind a subtle, illuminating finish. This is made fresh by the Tata Harper team in Vermont, with no outsourcing involved, so you know you’re getting the purest quality stuff in every bottle.

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