The Best Eye Shadow For Your Eye Color

Ever notice how some eye shadow colors make your peepers pop while others result in an “eh” effect at best? Us too. It got us wondering what the best shades were for our specific eye color. Inquiring minds want to know: What is the most flattering eye shadow for brown eyes? How about green, hazel and blue? We did some digging and discovered the best ways to make the windows to your soul shine.

So go ahead, shade what your mama gave you.

Brown Eyes

Brown-eyed girls, rejoice! The neutral color is the most versatile of the bunch, leaving an entire spectrum of shadows to play with. We’re talking ultra-pigmented aqua and fashion-forward magenta—even the oft misunderstood blue shadow plays up your eyes instead of overpowering them (but still, apply with caution). For everyday wear without skimping on depth and definition, opt for a dusty pink or subtle gold.

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Blue Eyes

Whether you’re blessed with eyes that are crystal-clear azures or sultry sapphires, one thing rings true for all shades of blue: warm grey, golden brown and silver hues blow the others out of the water. For some serious contrast, turn to complementary tones such as juicy tangerine or pretty peach.

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Hazel Eyes

To highlight the green in hazel eyes, dust on some moody burgundy or romantic violet. Lavenders and lilacs look lovely as well, just steer clear of options that are more white than purple so as not to dim down the iris. To bring out the brown, brush on a shadow in a rich earth tone. Or, create a sleek line along the lid using a chocolaty shade, an angled brush and a bit of water.

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Green Eyes

Brushing on purples and plums to play up green eyes is pretty much common knowledge. But did you know rose gold and mauve shades have the same effect? It’s true! While full-on violet looks perfectly vamp for night, softer hues are just as dreamy and are work appropriate to boot.

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