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The 12 Best New Body Care Products Of 2022

Get the ultimate glow from head to toe.

by TZR Beauty Team
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Even in the ultra-saturated beauty world, products and rituals designed especially for the body are just now catching up to other, far more extensive categories. Taking dedicated time to spend with and care for your body is no longer seen as pampering luxury, but necessary — and that’s truer than ever in such a stressed-out society. The best body care products of 2022 happen to do it all. There’s plenty of centering, self-love ethos in these cleansers, serums, and creams, but there’s also seriously effective ingredients that deliver real results. Slough away dead skin and a bad week with a fresh-smelling scrub, envelop hard-working hands in a hydrating cream, or prepare for the upcoming season with an issue-targeting serum. Carving out even a brief block in your regular schedule to slather on a nourishing oil or lotion yields soft, glowy skin, sure, but it’s also a chance to take a breath, check in with your body’s needs, and feel grounded within yourself.

The truth is that you could dedicate several hours a day to all-encompassing body love and it still wouldn’t be enough of a thank-you to the vessel with which you move through the world — but these products are a great start.

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Best Body Wash

Best Body Wash Over $20

Koa Hinoki Citrus Body Cleanser

Koa, please consider BDG Executive Beauty Director Faith Xue’s review our official request to turn this body cleanser into a perfume. While it’s got plenty of admirable attributes — antioxidants to fight skin damage, hibiscus extract to preserve skin elasticity — it’s the olfactory experience that makes this a must-have in her book. “I’m obsessed with this body wash,” she tells TZR. “The scent is fresh and soothing but not overpowering — the hinoki is intoxicating and I wish I could wear this as a fragrance!”

Best Body Wash Under $20

Odele Moisturizing Body Wash

Most drugstore body washes come in packaging that leaves a lot to be desired. However, Odele’s changes that. Housed in a minimal, soft pink bottle, it’s not just chic — it’s also refreshingly straightforward. “Most ingredient lists are like reading hieroglyphics,” says TZR contributor Caitlin Kiernan. “Odele labeling is idiot-proof with icons that are easy to decipher.” And that only scratches the surface of her reasons for loving this $9 buy. Kiernan also calls out the gentle formula, “which is made with eight essential vitamins, including vitamin B,” its subtle-but-fresh scent, and the fact that she feels safe with her family using it. “Major kudos all around.”

Best Hand Cream

Best Hand Cream Over $20

Sidia The Hand Serum

There’s a strange mix of satisfaction and pride that comes with pulling out a luxe-looking hand lotion in public; something about it just says “I’ve got my life together” (even if you very much don’t). In that regard, Sidia’s “super chic” Hand Serum nails it, according to TZR Deputy Beauty Editor Hannah Baxter. Fortunately, though, its merits extend well beyond aesthetics. In fact, she says, the product is all-around great. “While not technically a cream, this does a fantastic job of hydrating my chronically dry hands,” notes Baxter of the shea butter, aloe vera, and cactus flower extract-infused formula. “I always have this in my bag with me, and I love that it isn’t too greasy or heavy.”

Best Hand Cream Under $20

Cetaphil Advanced Relief Cream

Cetaphil is the undisputed queen of no-frills products. Its gentle cleansers have reached icon status at this point — not because of any luxurious packaging or wildly complicated formulas, but because they work, plain and simple. It’s only natural that its efficacy is exactly why this cream gets high praise from TZR contributor Maria Bobila. With a combination of shea butter, safflower seed oil, and vitamin E, it’s not making any wild promises; it just wants to moisturize and soften dehydrated skin. And according to Bobila, that’s what it achieves. “Great classic moisturizer for those with dry skin who want a no-frills product,” she says. Like we said, undisputed queen.

Best Body Moisturizer

Best Body Moisturizer Over $20

Soft Services SPEED SOAK Skin Rehydrating Gel

Formulated with glycerin and aquaxyl, this fast-absorbing gel-cream is basically an emergency lifeline for dehydrated skin. Upon application, skin is meant to “flash-absorb” a shot of moisture, providing instant relief and virtually no downtime. Hard to believe if you’ve ever used a standard body cream, yes, but BDG Vice President of Editorial Growth Kylie McConville swears it’s true. “I loved this product so much,” she reviews. “It definitely delivered on its speed-soak promises and was also super hydrating.” Her tip? Level up your experience by putting the product in the fridge before use.

Best Body Moisturizer Under $20

La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP+M Triple Repair Moisturizing Cream

Packed with dermatologist favorites like ceramide-3, shea butter, glycerin, and niacinamide, this moisturizing cream is a veritable drink of water for dehydrated skin. That’s basically how TZR contributor Andrea Bossi describes her experience with it, too. “I have eczema on my hands, and the first time I put this on, my skin ate it up,” she tells TZR. “Everywhere else on my body is just the same.” Bossi loves its intense richness and the fact that it can also go on your face, prompting her to dub the moisturizer “an ideal, essential skin care product.”

Best Body Oil

Best Body Oil Over $20

Asutra Lavender Body Oil

In formulating this body oil, it’s almost as if Asutra took everything good about your nightly yoga routine and bottled it up. TZR contributor Diana Tsui attests the lavender and coconut oil scent instantly calmed her mind and body (with no stretching required). “I found [this product] worked best when I needed to massage my sore legs after a workout,” she tells TZR. “The soothing lavender scent was nice to rub in as I got ready for bed, tricking my brain and body into feeling sleepy.” And before you ask, Tsui also says it absorbs well, so she never had to worry about it staining her sheets.

Best Body Oil Under $20

BODY by TPH Anything Glows Body Oil

As glamorous as it sounds to slather your limbs in body oil, the reality is that this usually just results in an uncomfortable, slippery mess for hours on end. But by formulating an option using squalane, avocado oil, and rosehip oil, Body by TPH managed to avoid this problem entirely. “It’s not messy and can be applied on wet or dry skin with the same results,” TZR contributor Simedar Jackson says; in fact, she calls it “a game-changer” when she’s fresh out of the shower and “looking to breeze through the body moisturization portion” of her morning. “The bottle seems like it lasts forever, too, considering I’m slathering this on my entire bod every single day,” Jackson continues. “Will purchase again.”

Best Body Serum

Best Body Serum Over $20

Uni 24-Hour Serum

When body serums started to become a staple on the skin care scene, you know lazy people everywhere rolled their eyes and thought to themselves, “Yeah, right.” Another step in the routine? Absolutely not. That’s precisely what makes Uni’s body serum so genius. The lightweight treatment features its “Uni Marine Complex,” Australian lime caviar, and Australian Kakadu plum, which give it enough hydrating, smoothing, and elasticity-improving powers to replace lotion completely. Even Simedar Jackson, TZR contributor and self-professed “lazy” person, approves, telling TZR its easy application makes the serum an ideal pick. “This is a new holy grail for me,” she says, noting that it “cranks up the hydration game 1000%” and that she’s a big fan of the scent. “OBSESSED with this product.”

Best Body Serum Under $20

Differin Acne-Clearing Body Spray

You may have to book a tropical vacation just to show off your smooth, bare shoulders after using this body spray — and you’ll actually be able to, given the money you’ll save with its price tag. With a formula including salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and witch hazel (housed in a large body with a 360-degree spray pump), it promises to treat hard-to-reach bumps while reducing surface oil and exfoliating. All that, and it’s still under $20. “For the value, size, and ingredient list, this is such a stellar option for anyone struggling with body acne,” confirms TZR Deputy Beauty Editor Hannah Baxter.

Best Body Exfoliator

Best Body Exfoliator Over $20

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Resurfacing Body Scrub

Kate Somerville knew it had a good thing with its ExfoliKate Intensive for the face — so much so that the brand made an equivalent version just for the body. According to Kelsey Stiegman, senior fashion editor at Bustle, the brand definitely made the right move. The triple threat of physical, chemical, and enzymatic exfoliation in this body treatment worked “super well” for her, especially compared to her regular sugar or salt scrub. “Lesson learned: Use an exfoliator with added ingredients instead of just physical exfoliation,” she says. “I felt soooo soft after I used it.”

Best Body Exfoliator Under $20

Raw Sugar Whipped Polish For Sensitive Skin

Even the most sensitive skin types deserve to experience the luxury of full body exfoliation. Luckily, this yummy (and super affordable) formula delivers just that — and then some. Made with natural ingredients and cold-pressed extracts like coconut, shea, milk, and rose, this scrub gently exfoliates and smooths, leaving skin glowing and ultra-soft to the touch.

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