Best Beauty Buys Every Cool Girl Needs Now

by Stephanie Montes

Whether you consider yourself a staunch minimalist or simply aspire to be the cool girl who always looks effortlessly understated but still pulled-together, stashing the right beauty products is key. After all, revamping your entire closet is no easy feat, which makes your vanity the easiest place to start. Here, we’ve corralled the best beauty buys boasting palette-cleansing whites and packaged without a frilly font in sight. Sometimes less really is more.

Shop Like A Minimalist

Do Me A Solid

This perfume set comes with a convenient solid counterpart for midday scent touchups.

Give Me A Hand

Tote this tiny tube in your stylish leather bucket bag for nourishment on the go.

Eye Spy

Mascara never looked so minimalistic (and we couldn't be happier).

Clean Up Your Act

Keep your shower routine clean and polished.

Nailed It

Invest in a red polish that draws attention to all the right places–like your nails, not a cluttered shelf.

Big Scent Off

This perfume looks just as clean as it smells.