All The Products You'll Need To Make Your Bath Spa-Worthy

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With the right products, it's easy to transform your standard nightly soak into a sacred, soothing ritual. So toss your basic shower gel and old, mildewy loofah and pick up a few of the best bath products featured here; from epsom salts to bath oils to flower petals and more, all of these things will help take your bathing experience to the next level.

Mixing up your own, perfect bath is a truly personal experience. Some people love the way bath oils make their skin feel, others don't. Lots of people love scented products, while others prefer to steer clear. If you love a bit of DIY mixology, you can have a lot of fun concocting different bath cocktails using various bath salts, essences, and oils, depending on the mood you're in — so in that case, it's wise to keep a well-stocked bathroom cabinet. Or, if you're more of the straightforward type, pick up a great, big bag of epsom salts and call it a day.

Remember, too, that you can (and should!) adjust your bath depending on the time of day or season. For example, during winter, you may prefer to use pine-scented bath products, while summer may call for scents like chamomile or rose. Eucalyptus is great for clearing up stuffy sinuses; anything citrus will help you wake up in the morning; and lavender is essential for pre-bedtime soaks.

With that in mind, light up a candle, pour yourself a glass of wine, and immerse yourself in luxury with the 10 best bath products rounded up ahead.

1. The Best Epsom Salts

Every well-stocked bath collection should include a massive bag of epsom salts. You can use them alone when you don't have a lot of energy to concoct a full-blown bath cocktail, or mix them in with other essences and oils. This 19-pound bag in particular contains pure epsom salt (aka magnesium sulfate), which can help soothe sore muscles, relax achey joints, and potentially even relieve stress. Feel free to be generous with them.

2. The Best Luxury Bath Salts

If you prefer bath salts that have already been mixed in with aromatherapeutic essential oils, pick up a few of these sachets from Pursoma. They're all made with a base of French sea salt, but each "flavor" contains its own set of unique ingredients, which are all naturally derived. For example: Just Breathe is made with eucalyptus, peppermint, and ginger root; Moonlit Ritual contains rose petal powder, jasmine, pink lotus, and ylang ylang; and Unplug mixes French green clay with black pepper, lemon verbana, and frankincense. You get 8 ounces of product here for $20 a pop, and the brand says to use one entire packet per bath — though you could definitely mix half a bag in with some basic epsom salts to make each sachet last longer.

3. The Best Japanese Bath Salts

For something totally unique, try these amazing bath salts from Japan. They're designed to turn your bath into a Japanese hot spring, so they make your water look milky and opaque. Each sachet (you get 13 per box) is loaded with good-for-skin minerals, and they come in four different scents (Kirishima, Okuhida, Shirahone, and Towada), which all smell unique and turn your water a slightly different color. And don't worry, these won't stain your tub.

4. The Best Bath Oil

When it comes to bath products, you can't go wrong with Kneipp: The German brand, named after water doctor Sebastian Kneipp, has been specializing in bath and shower products for over 125 years. Everything they make is great, but their bath oils are a particular favorite. The line includes the following bath oils: Joint & Muscles (arnica), Dream Away (valerian and hops), Pure Bliss Soak (red poppy and hemp), Relaxing (lavender), Soft Skin (almond), Muscle Smoothing (juniper), Stress Free (orange blossom and mandarin), Back Comfort (devil's claw), Beauty Secret (argan and marula), Enjoy Life (may chang and lemon), and Eucalyptus (self-explanatory).

5. The Best Luxury Bath Oil

For the luxury beauty lovers out there, this is the bath oil for you. Packaged in a gorgeous bottle that you'll want to display on the side of your tub, it's designed to help combat the side effects of colds, flus, and fevers — like stuffy sinuses and a general lack of energy — using a blend of eucalyptus, tea tree, and pine. You could also apply this directly onto your chest after bathing to help clear your sinuses before bed.

Aromatherapy Associates also makes these other, equally luxe bath and shower oils: De-Stress Mind, De-Stress Muscle, Support Lavender & Peppermint, Support Equilibrium, Light Relax, Deep Relax, Revive Evening, Revive Morning, Forest Therapy, Inner Strength.

6. The Best Bubble Bath

Nothing beats the fun of a bubble bath, so be sure to buy this adult version from Dr. Teal's. Made with epsom salt to soothe sore muscles and lavender to help relax your mind, the brand's Soothe & Sleep Foaming Bath can be used on its own or mixed in with other salts, essences, and oils.

Dr Teal's also makes bubble baths in these varieties: Relax & Relief (eucalyptus and spearmint), Detoxify & Energize (ginger and clay), Super Moisturizing (avocado oil), and Comfort & Calm (chamomile).

7. The Best Bath Bombs

Most bath bombs are made with lots of dyes, which can stain your tub — but not these Frida Baby Natural Vapor Bath Bombs. They're intended to ease cold and flu symptoms (mainly stuffiness) using a blend of eucalyptus and lavender, and unlike most other bath bombs, they're totally dye-free. And though technically created with kids and babies in mind, adults can obviously enjoy these, too.

8. The Best Bathtub Caddy

One easy way to take your bath game to the next level: invest in a bathtub caddy tray. Made of rust-proof steel with a chrome finish, this one has a cool, vintage look, plus room for everything you'd want to take into a bath — namely, a drink, a book, a candle, and a few products for pampering. This expands a few inches, so it should fit most tubs nicely.

9. The Best Exfoliating Bath Towels

These red and green washcloths are ubiquitous in Korean households and spas. Sold in an economical pack of eight, they slip over your hands like mitts, which makes it easy to exfoliate your body from neck to toe (don't use them on your face!). The trick to these is letting your skin get nice and soft in the warm water; at the end of your bath, you'll be able to scrub all the dead skin and debris away with ease. And these work so much more effectively than loofahs and other shower brushes that you'll be able to see all that dead skin shed off — kind of gross, but oddly satisfying (and totally worth it, once you see how soft your skin feels).

10. The Best Dried Flowers For Your Bath

One last way to amp up your bath: sprinkle in some dried flowers! You could do this with any dried flower, like lavender, chamomile, or hibiscus, but roses feel especially luxurious. This won't do anything for your skin, but they sure do look pretty!