Need A Signature Scent? These Everyday Perfumes Are All Under $100

There’s no need to break the bank.

best affordable fragrances

Finding your perfect scent can be a tedious endeavor made even more frustrating by the high price points of perfumes. Luxury perfumes tend to be marked up due to the designer name they’re attached to (not to mention, the over-the-top packaging that they often come in). But who says you need a high-end perfume in order to smell amazing? In today’s market, there are plenty of affordable fragrances out there, whether you prefer a traditional spray, perfume oil, or even solid perfume.

What’s more, brands like Dossier and ALT. are also developing affordable fragrances inspired by luxury scents so perfume lovers can get cult-favorites at a much lower price (yes, there is even a scent that expertly mimics Le Labo’s beloved Santal 33). Here, we’ve rounded up the best affordable perfumes, all of which are under $100 — with some as low as $25 — to help you find your signature scent without breaking the bank. Ranging from floral and sweet to warm and musky, there are plenty of options that won’t send your bank account into a state of shock.

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