Shiny Shadow

by The Zoe Report

Believe us, we know what it’s like to be attached to an eyeshadow—all of us swear by one shade or another. That being said, it is okay to break out of your routine from time to time—in fact, we encourage it. We promise when you do, say with something like Belmacz metallic creams, the compliments will come pouring in.

Our first time to put the spotlight on the London-based brand, Belmacz Beauty by Julia Muggenburg is definitely a line you want to acquaint your makeup bag with. Inspired by Renaissance painters, all of her offerings capture an enchanting quality, as demonstrated in this range of lustrous eyeshadows. Enriched with 24-carat gold and silver leaf—so cool!—each hue is determined to dress up your lids to their most magnificent potential. Don’t think, or blink, twice this season before swapping out your go-to shadow to dabble in one of these novel creams. We’re willing to bet, you won’t want to look back!

Availability: Belmacz Eyeshadows ($38 each). For additional information, visit Belmacz.com.

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