Sleeping Beauty

by The Zoe Report

I rely on more than a few trusted daytime beauty rituals to keep my hair and skin in top-notch shape—i.e. applying a tinted moisturizer, SPF and UV-shielding hair spritz—but there is also a nighttime method to the madness: BeautyZZZ’s Natural Silk Pillowcase, a recent find that is the key to true beauty sleep…

All natural and hypoallergenic, this 100% silk pillowcase is designed to enhance your skin’s overall fabulousness—allowing your pre-bedtime products to absorb into your skin…and not your pillowcase—mah-jorly increasing the benefits of your skincare routine. It even maintains your blowouts, so say goodbye to bed head! Besides being a definite personal bedding essential, this silky luxe covering will also make for a fabulous gift. I mean…everyone loves a beautiful complexion right? Sweet dreams, literally! xoRZ Availability: BeautyZZZ Natural Silk Pillowcase ($47). For additional retailer information, visit Beautyzzz.com.

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