Beauty Subscription Services All Smart Girls Should Know About

We’re busy people—and we’re sure you can relate—so having beauty essentials delivered to our doorstep has become a no-brainer way to save time in our daily grind. If you haven’t considered this option, take note: A slew of forward-thinking companies are offering high-quality products at affordable price points to ensure you never again experience that moment of panic upon realizing you’ve run out of toothpaste, tampons and the like. Here, five subscription services that’ll cover all your hygiene and beauty basics.

Courtesy of Boka


If routinely changing your toothbrush tends to slip your mind, Boka can help—the oral care and toothbrush home-delivery service sends you new supplies every three months, aka the dentist-recommended time frame to make the switch. Choose a preset option or customize a kit to your needs with brushes, natural toothpaste and floss, starting at $14.50. Visit boka.com for more information.



If chemical-laden feminine care products aren't your thing, you need to know about LOLA. Founded by college friends Jordana Kier and Alexandra Friedman, the company offers 100% cotton—aka 100% natural—tampons with customizable assortment and delivery options, starting at $10 per box per month. Visit mylola.com for more information.

Courtesy of Scentbird


If you're prone to switching up your perfume, leave all those half-used bottles behind and switch to Scentbird. The company offers a 30-day supply—they purport four sprays a day for a month—of luxury fragrance for $14.95, allowing you to spritz on your favorite designer perfumes without a full-size commitment. Visit scentbird.com for more information.

Courtesy of Honest Beauty

Honest Beauty

You've likely heard of Honest Beauty—Jessica Alba's eco-friendly cosmetics line—but what you might not know is the brand offers "Beauty Bundles" in which you select three products of your choice for $50 per month (a recurring monthly subscription you can cancel anytime). Items range from blotting papers to lip crayons to moisturizers, making it an easy way to restock whatever makeup or skincare essentials you're running low on. Visit honestbeauty.com for more information.

Courtesy of Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club has been a hit among the male population, but women have been tapping into the service as well. Choose your razor and have blades delivered monthly starting at $1 (yes, really). If it's good enough for a man's face, it's good enough for our legs. Visit dollarshaveclub.com for more information.