6 Life-Changing Beauty Innovations

by Stephanie Montes

Do you remember the days when sitting in a packed (and not to mention acetone-scented) nail salon for a gel manicure was your only option for long-lasting nail color? What about when you had no choice but to wait weeks to get an appointment for laser hair removal? We’re happy to report the beauty industry has come a long way since then. We’re talking lasers, revolutionary devices and other at-home treatments that not only make us look better, they actually make our lives easier. Shop the 6 products that have seriously stepped up our beauty game, all from the comfort of our own abode.

See the beauty products that have taken DIY to a whole new level.

Laser Hair Removal

Then: In the mid '90s, the FDA approved the first-ever laser for doctors to administer permanent hair removal.

Now: Removing embarrassing stubble can be done at home with an easy handheld device. Consider this innovative product an investment that saves you time and money in the long run.

Gel Manicures

Then: Around 2010, salons began offering LED-cured manicures that provided the longest-lasting, chip-proof mani we had ever experienced.

Now: Gel lacquers and portable lamps are now available to the masses. A few swipes of polish and a minute under the blue light gives you salon-quality results, without the drive time or the bill.

Acne Treatments

Then: Acne sufferers racked up hefty medical bills consulting dermatologists about their troubled complexions.

Now: Thanks to advances in technology, patients are able to treat existing acne and prevent breakouts with portable medical-grade lasers.

Teeth Whitening

Then: In the ’90s, going to the dentist for teeth bleaching was all the rage.

Now: Dreaded dentist visits are a thing of the past when it comes to attaining pearly whites. They are now as easy as light and go with this 8-minute process that promises 5 shades whiter teeth in 5 days.

Keratin Treatments

Then: In 2006, shrieks of joy were heard from curly haired girls around the world when salons began offering semi-permanent hair-straightening treatments.

Now: Get the “Brazilian blowout” at home with a Keratin treatment that offers 7 days of perfect hair. It doesn’t last as long as salon-grade products but this one is faster, more convenient and formaldehyde free.

Airbrushed Makeup

Then: In the ’90s, airbrushed makeup was a luxury that only came around for weddings or prom and only when you made an appointment with a professional makeup artist.

Now: Get a flawless airbrushed complexion everyday without a professional's touch. Now every occasion can be special.