5 Fast Ways To Make Your Beauty Routine More Green

When taking stock of your carbon footprint, one area that offers countless opportunities for reduction is your beauty regimen. While there are obvious habits to adopt, such as limiting your shower time or buying organic products, lots of less-expected methods will enhance your eco game too, and they’re easier to implement than you may think. Read on to learn about five earth-friendly techniques—you’ll be gorgeously green in no time.


1. Wear Less Makeup

Vow to go minimalist with your makeup at least one day per week, if not more. This au naturel approach will save you time and money while cutting back on your consumption and giving your pores a much needed breather.


2. Switch To Bar Soap

More kind to the planet than body wash in plastic bottles, most bar soaps come packaged in paper that's easy to recycle. Bar soap is also typically a more affordable option, free of harmful micro beads and always travel-friendly.


3. Invest In Reusable Cotton Rounds

Whether purposed to remove makeup or apply toner, reusable bamboo rounds should be a staple in your daily routine. Opt for these soft, machine-washable alternatives over disposables and you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.


4. Use Eco-Conscious Hair Products

Devoted to sustainability, Italian natural hair-care line Davines formulates its delicious products relying strictly on energy from renewable sources. Next, it packages said shampoo and conditioner in food-grade plastic, which is simple to recycle and reuse. As if that weren't green enough, Davines also donates 10 percent of profits from its Zero Impact Products to the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.


5. Invest In Bamboo Makeup Brushes

Next time you contour your face, choose to do so with Eco Tools brushes, which are constructed from renewable bamboo, soft, cruelty-free bristles and recycled aluminum. But don't stop there: Ditch your plastic toothbrush for a wooden option while you're at it.