(The High/Low)

The 2022 High/Low Methodology — By The Numbers

How we chose the best of the best.

by TZR Beauty Team
TZR beauty awards

6 Months

Last year, we debuted The High/Low, our annual Beauty Awards that celebrate the best new beauty launches over and under $20. This year, our mission was the same — and it seems the industry was ready for it. Yes, in early May, we set out to find our 2022 winners that launched between August 2021 and July 2022, and we’re happy to announce they have finally been selected.

4 Product Categories

The High/Low judges the best new products in four key sectors: skin care, hair care, makeup, and body care. As mentioned above, our team of judges and beauty experts carefully test each new contesting product for efficacy to see if it lives up to its promises (and, for those over $20, the price tag).

38 Sub-Categories

For good measure, we broke down each overarching product category into a series of sub-categories ranging from the best hair masks and body oils to the best retinol and mascara. So, you are sure to find our top beauty picks in any area of interest to you.

2,200 Products Submitted For Consideration

The past year has been a big one for beauty with innovations and emerging brands hitting a record high, and making for an especially exciting time in the industry. Thus, we knew submissions would be substantial and tough to narrow down to just a few hundred finalists. But, after weeks of swatching, researching, and general product play, we found our best and brightest of the bunch.

331 Semifinalists

After careful consideration, our semi-finalists across all four categories were selected and divvied up amongst our product testers to judge. This is where things get fun.

55 BDG Product Testers

This year, our product testers consisted of both BDG staffers and a roster of beauty experts that range from veteran editors to longtime reporters in the field. We selected judges who we trusted to give their honest and non-biased opinions on the products they were sent to try out for about five weeks.

76 Winners

After more than a month of testing, the results were in. TZR editors combed through hundreds of reviews (the good, bad, and indifferent) and narrowed down the list of semi-finalists to the 76 shining stars that clearly won over our judges’ hearts...and beauty routines. Thirty-eight winners were selected in the over-$20 category while 38 were picked for under $20. Our carefully curated list allows you to pick and choose the formulas you’d like to splurge on and which ones will save you a few dollars, depending on your budget and immediate beauty needs. Perhaps you’re in the market for a solid leave-in conditioner to keep your hair in check during the chilly winter months. Or maybe you’re ready for a new lipstick shade to brighten up the holiday season? Whatever you’re seeking, rest assured there’s a new treasure waiting for you in The High/Low.

We hope you enjoy exploring this year’s winners as much as we did finding them.

— Team TZR