Beauty Advice: The Best Eye Shadow & Lipstick Combos


Even the most seasoned beauty buff harbors fear of mixing and matching the wrong lip and eye combo, taking their look from fab to frightening. We got you covered. Here, we show you how to pair glam eye shadow with bold lipstick shades without veering into ’80s prom queen territory. From pretty earth tones and smoky gray shadows to Bordeaux red and bold violet lip shades, there’s a winning combo here for every girl.

Discover The Prettiest Pairings

Photo: Anna Sui Fall 2014, FirstView

Grey + Brick

Let your smoky eye steal the show by wearing it with a soft kiss of color like this subtle, shimmery brick-ish hue.

Eyeshadow in Les Aciers



Hardwired Lipstick in Femme Fleur



Violet + Peach

A dramatic violet lip can be beautifully complemented by an ultra-feminine peachy-pink eye shadow.

Audacious Color-Intense Lipstick in Violet Jasper



Eyeshadow in Ballet Pink


Laura Mercier

Gold + Red

A red lip should always be the lone star of a makeup look. Offset it with subtle gold shimmer on your lids.

Black Dahlia Lipstick


Tom Ford

Gel Powder Eyeshadow in Bella Gold



Brown + Rose

Take your makeup look into beautifully neautral territory by softening the look of a matte-brown eye with a dusty rose lipstick.

Cream To Powder Matte Eyeshadow in Earth



Lipstick in Bitch Perfect


Charlotte Tilbury

Pink + Blue

When rocking a vibrant blue shadow, forgo a bright lip hue in favor of a sheer tinted balm.

Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal



Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadow



Nude + Mauve

A nude lip is the workhorse of your makeup bag—it looks pretty with literally everything. We love it with a mauve shadow to make your peepers pop.

Lip Mist in Nude Honey



Colorful Matte Eyeshadow in Red Wine