Hand Over The Diamonds

by The Zoe Report

We interrupt your regularly scheduled manicure programming of wintry wines and sheeny metallics to bring you an entirely new festive shade: Azature’s Black Diamond Nail Polish. Just in time to add a glitzy finishing touch to your holiday attire, this shellac acts as a twinkling accessory in itself.

Imbued with sparkles and one real black diamond—an obtainable version of the label’s fantasy $250,000 bottle which contains 267 carats—Azature’s disco-ready lacquer is a standout alternative to your understated enamel. And since it is packaged in a jewel-shaped bottle, it will look just as pretty on your countertop as it does on your nail beds! With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, we suggest scooping up this shimmering varnish as the final puzzle piece to your glamorous getup.

Availability: Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish ($25). For additional information, visit Azature.com.

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