Luxurious Dreams Come True With Arctic Fox’s New Collection Pastel Hour

Shades that pop.

Written by Hilary Tetenbaum
Arctic Fox

Anyone who says hair is just hair may not have experienced the waves of excitement that come when you unwrap your wet hair from a towel and get your first glimpse of a new pigment. The joy spreads from cheek to cheek as you style your new locks for a night out, a brunch date, or even another day in the office. Arctic Fox, a semi-permanent, cruelty-free hair dye, will have you relishing in your glow-up. Their new collection, Pastel Hour: Spill the Tea, adds a touch of luxury to your locks while still giving you all the feels.

As one of the most followed indie hair dye companies in America, Arctic Fox is vegan and cruelty-free. The best part is this hair dye is good for your hair. Wave bye-bye to those box dyes that are full of ammonia, metallic salts, nitro dyes, and more that can leave your hair uneven and damaged. Arctic Fox’s semi-permanent formula eliminates the developer that often leaves your lovely locks dying for a drink, meaning your hair remains healthy during this color-change-up process. You may even feel softer tresses after your Arctic Fox experience, because this brand adds conditioner to their dye.

Arctic Fox’s gentle formula that restores vibrancy is getting better this spring with the launch of their new collection called Pastel Hour. With 2024 spring color trends heading toward bold and bright colors from dreamland, Arctic Fox has four feature colors in their Pastel Hour collection titled “Spill the Tea.”

Arctic Fox

Pastel Hour consists of pastels you’ll be ready to dye for. Arctic Fox is bringing to the shelves three brand-new colors and one previously launched shade: Cotton Candy Dreams (blue), Pistachio Macaron (green), Peach Prosecco (peach), and Frose (pink). These four dreamy hues are prepared to shake things up and help you achieve the ultimate hair transformation.

One color expected to dominate spring 2024 trends is blue, and Arctic Fox’s Cotton Candy Dreams will have you delighting in the sweetness of life (and maybe a hair praise or two). This pastel shade of blue is a confection of perfection with a buttery base and vibrant neon tone. You can indulge in Cotton Candy Dreams at all levels, with light hair shamelessly featuring the luxury of this hue, while darker locks can enjoy subdued sweetness.

Pistachio Macron will have you feeling the spirit of the reinvigorating season. This delectable color adds all the sweetness of spring and will turn heads best when on pre-lightened hair to a level of ten or higher. But this minty green isn’t the last of the tasty hues. Peach Prosecco is a dreamy shade that combines soft orange and powdered sugar pink to create a dazzling creamsicle shade that happens to be Arctic Fox’s latest (and greatest) indulgence.

Rounding out the dessert cart is Frose, a previously launched color that still serves up a sugary-sweet shade that will have you feeling like a princess. Fiercely feminine, the shade has been seen on countless style icons.

Ready to make sure you stay in style, Arctic Fox adds more irresistibly vibrant colors to their already color-packed line. Available exclusively on Arctic Fox’s website and Sally Beauty, Pastel Hour features dessert-inspired hues that will have you looking good enough to eat.

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