American Beauty: Our All-Star Lineup Of U.S.-Made Goods


Your Independence Day challenge, if you choose to accept it (and you really, really should), is to free your beauty cabinet of chemical-ridden, foreign products. Though patriotism is reason enough, these locally-made lotions and potions have the added benefit of being held to the highest standard of purity.

Whether you overhaul a little at a time or opt to tackle in one fell swoop, let our cheat-sheet be your guide.

We Pledge Allegiance To Made In America Beauty Products


Soothing Face Wash



Face Wash

Part of the Beautycounter product range dreamt up right here in SoCal, this nutrient-packed face wash works overtime as an effective makeup remover.

Youth Moisturizer




“Miracle product” is not a term to be thrown around lightly, but this potent, paraben-free wrinkle-wrangler is deserving of the distinction.

Honey Pecan Rose Cleanser


Roots Rose Radish


A 100% natural blend of nuts, honey and cold-pressed oils make this gentle scrub almost good enough to eat.

Under Eye Repair Serum


La Bella Figura

Eye Serum

Relying heavily on the power of botanicals (many grown right in the co-founders’ back yard in Chicago), this all-natural concoction is proven to work wonders on dark circles and puffiness.

Rose Face Oil


Shiva Rose

Face Oil

In addition to brightening your complexion with a rose-centric blend of all-natural ingredients, this L.A.-made oil also promises to open the heart chakra.

Horchata Lip Balm



Lip Balm

We’d liken a swipe of this nurturing balm to taking a bite of a cinnamon-sugar donut. Bet you can’t say that about the pileup of tubes and tins currently littering the bottom of your purse.

Clearing Serum



Blemish Fighter

The holistic solution for hormone-ravaged, blemish-prone skin, Kypris’ clearing serum boasts 25 active ingredients (zinc, tea tree oil and love, to name a few).

Tinted Sunscreen


MD Solar Sciences

SPF Protection

A light tint masks imperfections while the hypoallergenic, antioxidant-rich sunscreen guards your visage from harmful rays.


Lemongrass Lime Shaving Gel


Dr. Bronner's

Shaving Cream

Shaving with soap and water alone can wreak havoc on skin. Lathering on this certified organic, hemp oil-infused gel is a much safer option.

Bergamot & Aloe Shower Gel


Earth Tu Face

Body Wash

Sate your dermis with a hyper-hydrating cocktail of coconut oil, aloe vera leaf juice and rosemary flower extract from North-Cal’s Earth Tu Face.

Hydrating Body Lotion


Nourish Organic


Give even the most sensitive skin a soothing treat by way of this acai-spiked lotion which also happens to be vegan and gluten-free.

The Healthy Deodorant




A tried-and-true favorite, this aluminum-free deodorant comes in 5 delicate scents (a Lavanila specialty) and hails from the East Coast.

Burning Ocean Perfume


Sanae Intoxicants


Spritz this hand-blended-in L.A. fragrance -- featuring notes of sage, pink pepper and neroli – for a sweet-smelling jolt any time of day.


Evening Primrose Shampoo


John Masters Organics


Safe for daily use and color treated tresses, this luxurious shampoo is comprised of 21 certified organic ingredients and gluten-free to boot.

Essential Nutrients Karite Conditioner




We trust Arcona unconditionally when it comes to skin care, so it’s no wonder their hair product range is also a total win.

Bohemian Waves Hair Mist


Josie Maran

Styling Aid

Whether it’s beach waves, volume or texture you’re after, this all-purpose mist from California Native, Josie Maran, will give you the desired look with the help of 100% pure Argan Oil and Himalayan Sea salt.

Caviar Working Hair Spray



Hair Spray

If there’s anything in your hair care arsenal you need to function properly, it’s hairspray. This one gets the job done sans sulfates and synthetics.