The Alluring Trick All Beauty Junkies Use

by Karlee Smoot
Replica beauty products that all beauty "junkies" use

We love trying the coolest beauty trends, but anytime we can stray away from the pack and try something completely original, we go for it. Our favorite way to DIY our own custom products at home is by layering fragrances—and trust us, it’s a lot easier than it sounds! Well, at least it is with these oil-based fragrance primers by Maison Margiela. Prep the skin with the Glow or Blur ‘filters’ and top with your favorite Replica scent. When your friends ask you what you’re wearing, you can just tell them it’s your own custom blend.

The Replica 'Glow' Filter boosts the radiance of scents by adding zesty, solar notes. We love pairing it with 'Lipstick On' for a sun-flooded fragrance.

The Replica 'Blur' Filter boosts the softness of scents by adding cotton, musky notes. We love pairing it with 'Lazy Sunday Morning' for a relaxed and dreamy result.

Both filters pair with the entire Margiela perfume collection and not only help you create a customized personal scent, they also moisturize and replenish your skin and hair thanks to their nourishing oil base. Shop the full collection at Sephora.